Top 5 Unsung Heroes Who Have Done A Lot For The Nation

Top 5 unknown Heroes of India

This list of 5 Unsung Indian Heroes and Indian personalities who deserve all the praises in the world.

The Unsung Heroes Of India, Government of India has also recognised the heroes who have contributed to the society in the fields of literature, education, sports, healthcare, public affairs, science, engineering trade, social welfare and others.

 This list honours 5 such lesser-known Indian personalities who don’t just deserve to be talked about more.

Top 5 Unsung Heroes Who Have Done A Lot For The Nation

1. Anand kumar

Anand Kumar, a great mathematician and brilliant teacher.

Anand Kumar, a great mathematician and brilliant teacher. Who made Super 30 and made life of many poor students. He is the person who teaches poor students for free, without any hidden selfish motive.

The great mathematician was born in 1973 in Patna, Bihar. His father was clerk in postal office.

He studied in a hindi medium government school because of low income of his father, he couldn’t go to private school. During school days he developed keen interest in mathematics.

During graduation, Anand made some notes on the number theories. His notes were so good, that they were published in books like The Mathematical Gazette and Mathematical Spectrum.

Anand Kumar loved to read books but there was no book of foreign author in Patna library. He used to travel by train for 6 hours to Varanasi every weekend, to study at central library of Banaras Hindu University. He used to spend weekend in hostel of his brother.

Mr. Kumar secured admission in Cambridge and Sheffield University in 1994. But because of poor financial condition and his father’s sudden death by heart attack, he couldn’t go.

After his father’s death, he started selling papads made by his mother in the evening to support his family. To earn extra income he started taking tutions.

The mathematician rented a room for ₹500 a month and started his own coaching centre named Ramanujan School of Mathematics. He started with 2 students and reached to 36 students in a year. Within 3 years there was more than 500 students enrolled to his coaching centre.

The teacher kept his coaching fee 1000 which was very low as compared to the market price of 6000.

In early 2000, a poor student came to Anand seeking coaching for IIT (Indian Institute of Technology). Anand decided to sponser his coaching. This incident gave him motivation to start Super 30.

In 2002, Anand Kumar planned to start Super 30 to provide free coaching to poor meritorious students . He called his brother back from Mumbai to support him.

Mr. Kumar holds a competetive exam in may to select meritorious students from underprivileged background. He provide these students not only coaching but lodging facility, food and study material for one year.

Anand’s mother Jayanti Devi cooks for the students. His brother Pranav looks into the management of institute.

During 2003 to 2017, he taught 450 students, 391 students made to IIT. Beacuse of his good teaching skills, most of his students crack the IIT exam. Between 2008 and 2012 he gave consecutive 30/30 result. His result was 100% in 2017 as well.

Many government as well as private agencies offered Anand to sponser Super 30. But he did not accepted any of them, as he wants to run it on his own income from Ramanujan institute.

2. Sindhutai Sapkal

Sindhutai : Mother of Orphans

Sindhutai was married at ten, abandoned by her husband at twenty, became mother at the same age and had nowhere to go. She begged for a living. The Divine however, had different plans for her. She adopted one child and gradually it became a movement. Without any government support and by sharing her life’s story through talks she opened orphanages and brought up over 1,200 children. It only goes to show that life is what you make out of it.

3. Daripalli Ramaiah

Daripalli Ramaiah : Father of 10 Million Tree

Daripalli Ramaiah has devoted his whole life to make the world greener, in such an impactful way that he has personally planted over 1 crore trees to make it a better place for all of us.

The one-man-army from Telangana has been awarded a Padmashri by the Indian government – one of the highest civilian honours in the country, for his mindblowing work in the field.

Hailing from Telangana, Daripalli did not wait for others to bring about a change and took the charge himself to plant greeneries over the years, eventually extending the count to 10 million full-grown trees.

4. Gangadhara Tilak Katnam

Gangadhara Tilak Katnam, retired railway employee, Road Doctor. Filled up 1300+ potholes.

Gangadhara Tilak Katnam, retired railway employee, Road Doctor. Filled up 1300+ potholes.

Since 2010, Tilak has made the potholes destroying Hyderabad’s roads his business, and he has so far filled as many as 1,302. His car is equipped with empty gunny bags, in which he collects tar lumps from footpaths to fill potholes with. While working with the software firm, Tilak often skipped lunch to fill the city’s potholes.

5. Omkarnath Sharma

Omkar Nath Sharma: The Medicine Baba

Omkar Nath Sharma has a dream: every sick Indian should have access to affordable medicines. As this is not provided by the government, the 79-year-old has taken matters into his own hands. Sharma represents millions of Indians who refuse to look on while others are suffering.

His telephone number is displayed proudly on his orange kurta, he wears plush slippers on his feet, both indoors and outdoors: Omkar Nath Sharma is a phenomenon that catches your eye. And this is intentional, as the 79-year-old makes a determined effort to attract attention while wandering through New Delhi. Day in day out he shuffles his way through the better areas of India’s capital city, covering five to seven kilometres a day. In his self-designed outfit, he announces himself with a vendor’s cry. ‘The Medicine Baba is here! Give me your old medicines! Don’t throw them away, they can save the lives of the poor!’

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