Shubham from Pune Received 35 Marks In All The Subjects With A percentage Of 35 In the SSC Examination; Citizens Congratulated with Sweets.

Pune, 18th June 2022: Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has announced the results of the class 10 examination held in March-April 2022 online at around 1 pm on June 17 and the result of the state is 96.94 percent.

Shubham Rahul Jadhav, a resident of Bhavani Peth in Pune and a student of New English School Ramanbagh, has got 35 marks in all subjects in class 10. The percentage of all these marks is 35 percent. As soon as the mark of this student went viral on social media, the citizens of the place congratulated Shubham with Puneri turbans and sweets.“My family’s financial condition is not so good. My father repairs the water tanks. My mother does the dishes and washes clothes. Not wanting my parents to pay for my class 10 education, I decided to work in a hardware store,” said Shubham.

He earns Rs 6,000 a month from that work. The house has been getting a little help from this. He would come home in the evening and study for the class 10 exam. That is why Shubham’s father is proud of his success. Meanwhile, the result of class 10 was to be announced online at 1 pm yesterday. At 1.00 pm, Shubham saw his result and got to know that he scored 35 percent. He then informed his parents about his marks and said that they both were very happy. But Shubham expressed that he was expecting 50-55 percent marks in the exam.

Shubham said that due to work, his study got affected but expressed that for class 12, he will study more. He shared his dream is become a police officer.

“While I was at work in the afternoon, I got a call from Shubham that he received 35 percent marks on the exam. Shubham received 35 percent in class 9. So he thought he would get a higher percentage for this exam. But he was going to work due to the financial situation of our family. As a result, he has scored 35 percent due to a lack of studies. He has passed after doing so much work, I am happy about that. We will try our best to fulfil his dream to become a police officer,” said Rahul Jadhav, Shubham’s father expressed.In the future, I will take admission to the Commerce branch. “I want to be a policeman because I want to do something good for the country,” said Shubham.

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